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      I would rate this restaurant 'good' if that was an option. Came here to celebrate our wedding anniversary. At the beginning we were asked if we would like some focaccia bread which had just come out of the oven. We said sure, and then later...saw it had been added to the bill at £3 per portion. I think it's important that you tell people there's a cost to something you offer in this way, as in many other restaurants I've been to they give something like this for free at the start of an expensive meal. I'm not a big fan of focaccia but just thought I'd try it since I thought it was free and just out of the oven, but I wouldn't have done if I'd have known there was a cost involved. I didn't like the bread, but then I'm not a fan of it anyway so I don't want to put this on them, as it could simply be my taste. It's lovely that you can see through the glass to the staff cooking in the kitchen, but they had an issue with the door to the kitchen in that it was banging really loudly everytime someone went through it (the slow release mechanism had broken) and as this was right next to where we were sitting it meant I was constantly jumping whenever someone went in and out (I had my back to the door so couldn't see when it was being used) and actually had a headache by the end of the meal! We had the tasting menu at £49.50 each which was good value and included the thai fillet (lovely), the scallops (delicious), the tournedos rossini steak (fabulous part from what it was placed on), the chocolate velout (dry and disappointing, definitely the low point of the menu) and the cheese board (I packaged that up for my dog at home as I don't eat cheese!). I also had a glass of prosecco at £7.50. The chef came and spoke to each table at some point before they left, which is a nice touch and something missing now from most restaurants, when it's something that used to happen regularly, so bravo to him for continuing that tradition. More

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      Fantastic food, good service and watching the chefs at work was a fun and interesting twist! Good wine list and great value for money!

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      Went here with my husband for our anniversary and it was amazing! We had the tasting menu and the food was incredible…a great variety of food, well cooked and presented. The service was great, you couldn’t fault it. Highly recommended – well worth a visit

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