Hello, I’m Ed. I am 27 years old, born and raised right here in Bristol, and have a genuine love for all things food.

Wherever I go away, you can bet that the first thing I’ll want to do is go for a wander and peruse the local food spots. I just have to eye up potential dinner reservations! If there are local markets my cash won’t last long and I’ll quite often end up back in the kitchen cooking for my nearest and dearest.

I’m very fortunate to be able to share my culinary journey with my darling wife, Maddie, without whom I would not have made the jump back into the world of gastronomy (I spent seven years working in finance). I will be forever grateful for her support and encouragement to follow my dreams.

Ever since I was a boy, I have wanted to run my own restaurant and I am now pursing that dream with fervent intent.

I believe that dining is a fundamental human experience. As a chef, cooking allows me to transfer my passion and excitement for food to each and every one of guests.

Knowing that I’ve played a part in so many peoples’ good memories is what drives me to push further with what we do and elevate the dining experience. Cultivating happiness, excitement and satisfaction is what we do everyday and I love it.

I hope to see you soon, here at The Chefs Table.