Hi, I am Conrad, chef owner of the Chefs Table Bristol.

Working in hospitality has been my life and passion since the age of 14 years old. Mostly self taught, I have had the privilege of working for and owning some great restaurants, gastro pubs and event catering businesses over the past 40 years.

Now, in my golden years (55) I made the decision (partly due to covid) to open my final and most exciting restaurant to date.

I feel very privileged and humbled to have such a wonderful team at the Chefs Table—together we have managed to create something which, in my opinion, is quite unique to Bristol. A restaurant of old is how I like to think of the Chefs Table. It’s not about the Chef’s Ego or pretentiousness of the serving staff. It is a place you feel you can come and enjoy your guests’ company in a relaxed, friendly environment whilst eating delicious food using a lot of the great French style teqniques, fantastic wines and attentive service.

I never thought I would have the same feeling of excitement that I had when I first started cooking as I have at this restaurant. Walking around and chatting to all my lovely customers, I couldn’t feel more lucky.